Written Bonus Agreement Special Forces 2019

22. Dezember 2020

Soldiers may receive more than one selective retention bonus throughout their careers, but the total combined payments under the program should not exceed $US 200,000 during their careers, according to the MILPER message. The new bonus table will only affect about 1,000 soldiers still eligible for reintroduction in fiscal 2019, but it will affect about 45% of the approximately 50,000 soldiers eligible for reintroduction in fiscal 2020, Thompson said. „There are about 700 bonus variants on this bonus message, depending on the soldier`s [military professional specialty], his ability, the grade they hold and the length of time they choose,“ Thompson said. Only NCOs and first-class sergeants in specialized areas such as special units and cyberfields are entitled to earn US$81,000 for re-enrollment of 60 months or more – an increase of $9,000 over the current Tier 10 option for the same commitment. „If a soldier only wants to return for three years, he will actually receive less money under this new bonus message than under the old bonus message,“ Sgt. Maj. Mark Thompson, the Army`s senior career advisor, told the Army Times. „We always encourage them, but they will have more if they give more.“ The intention is to attract a sufficient number of qualified ophthalmic opticians to enter and remain in service to meet the health needs of the armed forces. The payment is a lump sum of $100 per month for each month of active entitled entitlment. Payment of fees. There are more than 700 bonus variations on the new message, according to Thompson, depending on rank, length of re-enrollment, additional skill identifiers, location requirements and much more.

Due to the large number of reserves, soldiers who want to return should visit their career counsellor. The army offers the maximum re-entry bonus to skilled soldiers in communities such as cyber-ops, secret services, special forces and explosive-free disposal. But even soldiers in other trades get their potential bonuses increased. Special Forces soldiers without the 6-12 years of service can still qualify for Levels 8 and 9, which means they can receive up to $58,300 and $72,900 in bonuses. Up to 30K must be paid to a pharmacist for an agreement, accept a commission and serve at least 4 years in active service. Discretionary payment – all military services use this bonus power. Additional compensation for all active physicians who have completed an internship or initial training in the country of residence, regardless of the specialty, if they agree to remain in operation for an additional 12 months in order to introduce more into the 6 to 7 year window if they are entitled to higher wages in the private sector , thus promoting longer shelf life periods. Apartment 15K for an active 12-month contract. Payment of fees. Financial incentive for qualified nuclear naval officers to remain in service after the end of mandatory service.


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