Wife By Agreement

16. Oktober 2021

It came to him in the water that he hadn`t seen so much of his wife yet – even on the beach that summer, she was wearing a loose t-shirt over her swimsuit, and even the children`s requests couldn`t get her to go to the water. „I can understand why you could thank your lucky stars,“ he dryly agreed. She shook her head and gave him an angry look. Ethan was usually not so slow. „I was lucky that he didn`t think about locking the door,“ she thinks soberly. He felt relieved. „That`s it?“ he said disdainfully. The last thing Hannah wanted was to relive the last hour, and the last person she wanted to explain it to was Ethan. His hand walked confidently on the torn material of his shirt lapel, but his attempts to hold the fabric together only drew his attention to the pale skin that the rent exposed. What did he do when he was sitting in the dark? She grimaced, risking a quick look down. „I didn`t think about packing my bag; I had no money, nothing. The police are not interested in crimes that did not take place.

He didn`t really touch me. „It was one of those occasions when it seemed better to prevent than to cure,“ she slammed brightly. The snapshot seemed to surprise him. Hard, she thought with an atypical poison. Under the circumstances, she thought she was quite reserved. What did he expect from her? Do you sit back and wait to be a crime statistic? „I don`t let my imagination run wild with me, Ethan.“ „I don`t guess it was stationary at the time?“ In an impatient move, Ethan rejected his feeted attempt to calm him down. .


Mein Name ist Matthias Regge aka. Prinny. Ich schreibe über Videospiele und bizarre Dinge, die sich in meinem Kopf abspielen.

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