What Is A Cdc Cooperative Agreement

20. Dezember 2020

Question: If a currently funded centre is considering renewing a project for the next funding cycle, in what section of the application should the Centre contain information on past performance? Should the results achieved so far be a separate section proposed for renewal, included in the renewal proposal or both ways, and differentiated according to the sections of the application? Answer: When a current centre plans to include the project for the next funding round, it will submit information on past performance both in the overall research strategy and in the search strategy of the research project components. Please follow the instructions of this part of the funding notice: Section IV. Information on applications and submissions in both components (global and research projects) under the subtitle PHS 398 Research Plan /Research Strategy. During the last project period, renewal applications may provide past achievements or achievements on key scientific achievements. Aid is mainly for grants and cooperation agreements. These financial assistance mechanisms help to involve and involve public health stakeholders, including national and local governments, in fulfilling the CDC`s mission. Grants and cooperation agreements provide the means to transfer federal funds, resources, technical assistance and/or expertise in exchange for their contributions to these interest groups or to ensure their alignment with federal objectives. Often, „aids“ and „subsidies“ are used interchangeably. In practice, there are considerable differences between the two. Cooperation agreements are used when the CDC participates significantly in funded activities, while grants are used when the CDC does not need significant participation.

Question: Can new projects receive a section of the grant application for preliminary work? Answer: You can include this information in the Search Strategy section that limits the page for new projects. It is up to the examiner to decide how many pages of preliminary studies or work will be within the lateral boundaries. Please follow the instructions for new projects in the funding notice under these sections: Section IV. Application and transmission information/page restrictions, section IV. Request and Submission Information/PHS 398 Section IV Research Plan. Application and submission information/instructions for submitting multi-component applications Question: Can a small project focus on a systematic review or be a broadcast-oriented conference grant? Answer: Search activities can be very different.


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