Ucf Fee Payment Agreement

12. Oktober 2021

An amount of financial support is an extension granted to students for the payment of tuition and tuition fees when a student expects to receive financial aid posted on their account and has met all the documentation and processing requirements for financial aid in order to obtain the aid. For more information on carry-overs, please visit the Grants website ( If the total amount of tuition and fees exceeds the amount of financial aid received, the difference must be paid until the due date indicated on the student`s invoice, in order to avoid late fees. Financial aid is granted for each semester at the end of the additional period in the academic calendar. Students should monitor their accounts the week after the due date to confirm that they have received financial aid. Students whose financial aid is paid as a planned aid after the expiry of the payment period will not be deferred. Read the following information carefully. The following agreement contains details about your responsibilities with respect to, but not limited to: Please note that the student is ultimately responsible for paying tuition fees and fees that are not paid by the third-party sponsor or other sources. A student may incur late fees and may be financially frozen until paid.

Yes. The payment plan is a 2-payment design in which the student pays $15 upfront to pay only 50% of the total tuition until the normal payment term, which avoids the $100 fee for late payment and is abandoned for non-payment. The student is then responsible for paying the remaining 50% on the invoice before the payment deadline. Students are not automatically included in the payment plan. Students who have a sponsorship letter or billing authorization from a third party may be entitled to a postponement of teaching. Students must submit these documents to student account services before the end of the payment term for each semester. I understand that I am solely responsible for all transactions that register me for courses at UCF. I have read this agreement and I fully understand the terms. I acknowledge and agree that this agreement and the promise of payment are a debt certificate, a legal debt instrument that gives the University of Central Florida the right to take legal action to collect the debt I promised to pay. This agreement will remain in effect until I fulfill all my financial obligations to the university and the university terminates this agreement. This Agreement and the Promise of Payment are governed by the laws of the State of Florida.

All remedies, actions, or proceedings arising out of this Agreement shall be filed in the district or district courts of Orange County, Florida. No delay by either party in the exercise or enforcement of any right or provision of this Agreement shall be deemed a waiver. I understand that a copy of these terms and conditions is sent to my Knights email address. By clicking on the „I agree“ button, I will affix my electronic signature and accept this agreement. If payment is made by check (electronic or paper) and the check is not shrunk by my bank, I agree that my student account will be charged a returned check fee. . . .


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