Ub Articulation Agreements

19. Dezember 2020

„This articulation agreement creates a new career for our students who are attracted to careers in the medical field,“ said Thomas Coley, regional president for the Shoreline West region of Connecticut State Colleges and Universities. „This flawless path to a bachelor`s degree in medical science will not only increase the chances of our Community College graduates, but it will also have an impact on regional staff, who are highly dependent on qualified health professionals.“ Any disparity with a recent articulation decision, which is included in the TAURUS equivalency guide, should be addressed directly to the relevant academic department that made the decision. In addition to our 2/2 and suny Transfer Paths programs, many transfer (or articulation) agreements have been developed with four-year universities and universities. A articulation agreement is intended to allow MCC students who obtain an A.S. or A.A. degree to transfer to the four-year university with junior level. MCC has agreements with the following institutions. If so, some programs are noted. Please visit the advisory and transfer services for more information.

If a student has course work from a previous institution that does not appear in the TAURUS course equivalency guide and feels that he or she could work on his or her main UB degree requirements or curriculum, then he or she should apply for a course articulation. Depending on the student`s status at UB, they enter their (s) application (s) through one of the following methods: TAURUS (Transfer Articulation and University Requirements at UB System) is the articulation site of the University at Buffalo (UB) that describes the articulation process and contains the Equivalent Guide (CEG). The equivalency guide shows the articulation of the courses approved by the UB faculty. Click below to browse the equivalency guide (CEG) by school or course. The University of Baltimore has a large number of transfer agreements with Maryland colleges to ensure the lean transfer of your community college credits. These agreements accelerate your academic career by transferring more courses, completing course work earlier and having more options. In addition, students at a Maryland community college can transfer up to 63 hours of valid semi-annual credits. Maryland Community College students, A.A. Parallel Arts Associates or Science Associates (A.S.) Graduate tracking (for example.B. A.A. in history to a B.S. in History), you will be able to transfer credits seamlessly.

The following transfer guides focus mainly on the degree of applied science (A.A.S.), as this type of diploma is not traditionally passed on smoothly. Students should always meet with their counsellor before asking questions to ensure that the course is needed.


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