Transaction Arrangement Agreement

19. Dezember 2020

The agreements generally provide that the specific steps and modalities of the agreement are defined in a „plan of agreement“ that is generally attached to the agreement as a timetable. Where an acquirer`s securities are to be issued in exchange for an acquisition under a settlement plan, Canadian securities legislation provides an exception for the issuance of shares in a legal transaction on which Anser can rely. In addition, where the target company has U.S. shareholders, the purchaser can often rely on Section 3 (a) (10) exemption under U.S. securities law for the issuance of securities when the issue has been approved by the court. An agreement is a transaction that can be made by a Canadian company under corporate law. Arrangement operations are usually detailed in a „plan of agreement“ (see below). References made in this practical guide to the „arrangement“ refer to an agreement that is implemented in accordance with a legal agreement. An extremely wide range of transactions can be carried out as part of an agreement plan, including the transfer of shares or assets, the exchange of securities, compromises with shareholders or creditors, the restructuring of the capital or other fundamental changes such as a merger. Although arrangements are a very common technique for transactions involving both public and private target companies, and many of the characteristics of applicable documents are not similar to those of share purchase contracts negotiated in private transactions, they contain concepts and elements that require different legal experience and knowledge. This should not prevent entrepreneurs who want to sell their business from taking a less familiar route and enjoying the benefits of this structure. Derogatory rights. One of the potential drawbacks of an agreement plan is that, in general, any shareholder who can „dississent“ with respect to the transaction may require that his shares be acquired by the target company (or the purchaser) at fair value.

In practice, such a deviant means is generally not problematic. [1] However, since the agreement generally exists only between the purchaser and the target company and not the shareholders of the target company, the share purchase agreements are distinguished by the fact that they often contain only assurances and guarantees from the target company as to their status and financial situation and other similar matters, and not to the assurances and guarantees of the shareholders of the target company. In addition, they contain provisions relating to the convening and holding of a meeting of security holders that are necessary for the approval of the agreement, as well as the request of the target company to obtain judicial authorization for the agreement. For example, if a buyer wishes to acquire all the shares of a target company of 20 or more shareholders, On the other hand, the purchaser should enter into a share purchase agreement with all 20 shareholders or make an offer to acquire shares of any shareholder who is accepted (i) by holders of at least 90% of the outstanding shares (excluding Shares of the Acquiror) and who then acquire on the legal laws the remaining minority shares or (ii) be accepted by the holders of at least two-thirds of the actions in progress, and then conclude a „second phase“ transaction, such as. B a merger or proposed agreement, which often requires a shareholder meeting after the first acquisition to acquire the remaining shares.


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