Shopify Partner Agreement

7. Oktober 2021

Shopify or the Partner may terminate this agreement at any time by notifying another party. In the event of fraud or other unacceptable behavior by the partner, or if the partner violates the acceptable use policy, Shopify may suspend the partner`s privileges or terminate the agreement without notice. Shopify may change or remove all or part of the partner program at any time and after an appropriate announcement. Learn how to generate revenue as a Shopify partner. More than 1,000,000 resellers who use the Shopify platform have endless possibilities for you to grow your business with Shopify. This article gives an overview of what to do to get started as a Shopify partner. Once you`ve been approved to participate in the Shopify Partner Program, you`ll receive an affiliate link that you can share with potential resellers. It contains your unique reference hand, so any new reseller you recommend can be tracked. A default affiliate link is:[YOUR_UNIQUE_REF_HANDLE] If a payment Gateway developer`s Payment Gateway app meets the criteria set out in the store`s payment payment principles: for the public listing by Shopify, the Payment Gateway developer can request a public listing from Shopify. Based on a number of factors defined and evaluated by Shopify, including transaction volume and Payment Gateway app acceptance rates, Shopify may provide the Payment Gateway app to all merchants through the reseller administrator and list the Payment Gateway app in Shopify`s public list of payment gateways. You can also find Shopify plus partners who focus on ecommerce businesses, like the best shopify UK Whole Design Studios experts.

For each referral reseller, the partner is entitled to receive a fee under the reference plan or the Bounty plan, but not both. If the Shopify Partner presents to a promotion reseller through a development store linked to the Referral Partner dashboard, the Partner is entitled to a fee in accordance with the Referral Plan. When a Shopify partner presents to a promoted reseller through the referral partner`s affiliate link, the referral partner is entitled to a fee in accordance with the Bounty plan. Whether the partner will receive a fee for a reseller advertised under the Master Plan or Bounty Plan is at Shopify`s sole and absolute discretion. To learn more about the reference plane and the Bounty plan, please visit The Shopify Partner Program offers comprehensive documentation, a learning portal with courses and guides, a thriving partner community, and 24/7 partner support. „Service“ means the commerce platform hosted by Shopify, available through, and any related sites, products, or services offered by Shopify. Program. A description of the Expert Program is available at (the „Expert Program“). .


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