Company Issued Credit Card Agreement

15. September 2021

In the application, a staff member must indicate the reasons for the card requirement and sign that they understand the risks associated with taking over the card. The finance department is responsible for issuing the credit card application form for employees, but only the CFO and/or Executive Director are empowered to approve the application. 7. Cardholders are responsible for cross-checking their monthly notes and remedying any inconsistencies by first turning to the supplier, then to the bank and finally to the registry. In order to ensure that all your bases are covered, your company credit card policy should contain a statement of purposes, scope, section on terms of use, restrictions and exceptions and define the disciplinary procedure. After being checked by a lawyer, you want any staff member to whom a common card is issued to check the policy and register the confirmation form. Once the agreement is signed by all the necessary parties, be sure to keep a copy of each signed contract in your files, if you ever need to enforce the policy. In the event that an employee disputes a charge on the company`s credit card in their possession, management should be notified of the problem immediately. All disputed transactions must be settled by the supplier, the finance department and the bank. It is the responsibility of the cardholder to collect and deposit all proof of payment with the financial department. Here we outline our general rules for corporate credit cards. 3.

Misuse of the card can be considered as misappropriation of district funds that may lead to disciplinary action up to and including termination of the employment relationship. 8. A lost or stolen card must be immediately notified by phone to first Bankcard Customer Service (1-800-477-4941) and to the Business Office at (308) 385-5900 x144. . . .


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