Cipc Shareholders Agreement Template

8. April 2021

Some rights may be taken away from shareholders as the amended provisions of the MOI have not been processed. As noted above, this situation is particularly pronounced when these companies have used the standard short form of ME provided by CIPC. The short standard form of ME applies the amended provisions as they are; There is no variation. Therefore, if you have a shareholder pact that is at odds with the ME. B on the fact that directors can adopt rules that the company must comply with, it is the ME that prevails! This is a substantial departure from the previous Corporate Act, in which the shareholders` pact was king. There are many decisions that need to be made when starting a business, decisions that should not be left to chance, or general provisions of the law. Your business needs to be configured to meet the unique characteristics of your business, and your ME must provide it. Similarly, a shareholder pact is just as important and both documents must be written by a lawyer who understands the needs of your business. Later (a longer article is being written), it is enough to point out for the moment that MMS (or even large private companies) should be careful when it comes to buying the agreement of shareholders „standard“ or „apparently tailored“ with total (or sparse) disregard for the MOI. In summary, IIS will generally lead the long-term structure of the company, while the shareholders` pact is a document that can be updated quickly through the various phases of the company`s growth. There are also differences in how the documents bind new shareholders. The MOI automatically hires new shareholders without their explicit consent, while a shareholder contract must be entered into before it is binding. Under the old Companies Act, a shareholder contract prevailed over the memorandum and the statutes of a company.

That is no longer the case. The ME is now KING! Shareholders of a company who ignore the latter do so at their own risk. When registering a company, the Commission of Intellectual Companies and Companies (CIPC) provides you with a Company Memorandum of Understanding („ME“ on shares“ as the company`s founding document. Most incorporaters don`t do it because they`ve set up a business to do business, and everything else seems to be excessive paper work. You can convince yourself that you don`t need an ME or a shareholder pact, but the truth is that both are essential. A company should have an MOI and, if necessary, a shareholders` pact tailored to its specific organization. These documents form the basis of the business and must be tailored to the needs of your business. This agreement is also intended to be used by shareholders in large private companies and not only for private companies, provided that the ME used protects the rights of shareholders.

We encourage shareholders to enter into a shareholders` agreement to avoid and resolve potential disputes. It also outlines ways to sell shares and guarantees, among other things, the protection of shareholders` rights. You can also consider a corporate protocol in addition to the shareholders pact, you can see this product here.


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