Ankara Agreement Conditions

3. Dezember 2020

1. The aim of this agreement is to promote the continuous and balanced strengthening of trade and economic relations between the contracting parties, taking full account of the need to accelerate the development of the Turkish economy and to improve the employment and living conditions of the Turkish people. In order to achieve the objectives set out in Article 4, the Association Council sets out, before the start of the transition period and in accordance with the procedure set out in Article 1 of the Provisional Protocol, the conditions, rules and timetables for the implementation of the provisions relating to the areas covered by the Treaty on the Community to be taken into account; this applies in particular to the areas covered in this title and to any safeguard clause that may be appropriate. In the year following the „drug“ litigation, no new strategy was published to provide transaction guidelines to applicants in Ankara. Other litigation ensued before the Administrative Tribunal; Arguments to prove that BA and Aydogdu were false progress have progressed. New guidelines were published on March 16, 2018. The guide boldly stated that businessmen and their food creditors present under the Ankara agreement were not allowed to seek a settlement. The Turkish workers` guidelines, updated on 14 May 2018, also indicated that these provisions did not provide for regulation. The lack of consultation with the Turkish community on these changes, the transitional arrangements for their implementation and, indeed, the lack of warning as to the extent and extent of these changes have, unsurprisingly, posed new legal challenges. In a recently pending administrative court case challenging the new rules, a group of Turkish businessmen was authorized by Ms Justice Yip [R (at the request of the Alliance of Turkish Entrepreneurs) /SSHD, authorisation 27.11.18] to find out whether these businessmen had legitimate expectations of granting a transaction concession after four years, without conditions, when they first entered the United Kingdom. , invested and founded its businesses.

After BA and Aydogdu, questions remain as to whether the „status quo clause“ actually applies to the terms of the contractors` request for transaction and whether the nature of the new conditions imposed are in themselves unacceptable restrictions under European jurisprudence (see Kahveci and Genc in particular) and it is hoped that these issues will also be dealt with before the Court of Appeal. The rules and conditions relating to the extension to Turkey of the provisions of the Treaty establishing the Community on transport and the measures taken for the implementation of these provisions are set with due account of Turkey`s geographical location. In accordance with the declaration of changes to immigration rules announced on 22 October 2020, after 31 December 2020, ECAA businessmen (who are no longer referred to as „Turkish businessmen“) will be reappointed under the same conditions as before Brexit, with the settlement route set after five years, as stipulated in the ECAA annex (which will be maintained after Brexit). rebranded as the ECAA Settlement Annex).


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