5 Point Agreement Scale

8. September 2021

A kind of psychometric response scale in which respondents typically indicate their compliance with a five-point statement: (1) Strong rejection; (2) disagrees; (3) Neither agree nor oppose it; (4) Agree; (5) Totally agree. A Likert scale (/ˈlɪk.pensart/LIK-scopic[1], but often misformulated /ˈlaɪ.kərt/LY-kərt[2]) is a psychometric scale that is often involved in research and uses questionnaires. This is the most common approach to the response scale in research, so the term (or more fully the Likert scale) is often used interchangeably with the rating scale, although there are other types of rating scales. The Likert scale is a bipolar scale method that measures the positive or negative response to a statement. Sometimes an even point scale is used where the average option „no agreement or agreement“ is not available. This is sometimes referred to as the „forced selection method“, since the neutral option is removed. [11] The neutral option can be considered a simple option when a respondent is not sure, and it is therefore questionable whether it is a truly neutral option. A 1987 study found negligible differences between the use of „draw“ and „neutral“ as an intermediate option in a five-level Likert scale. [12] Jamieson, p. (2004). Likert scales: how to use them(ab). Medical Education, 38(12), 1217-1218.

Likert scale data can in principle be used as a basis for obtaining interval level estimates on a continuum, applying the fast polytome model when data corresponding to this model can be obtained. In addition, the rapid polytome model allows you to test the hypothesis that the statements reflect, as expected, increasing levels of a setting or characteristic. For example, the application of the model often indicates that the neutral category does not represent a level of adjustment or characteristic between the concordant and concordant categories. Like star rating, respondents can rate a statement on a visual cardiac scale with the question of cardiac rating. A weight is assigned to each symbol of the heart on the scale. With the „Smile Rating“ question, respondents can rate a statement on a visual scale. While the sad face shows negative reviews and the smiling face shows a positive note. Smileys are better rated and work in the same way as conventional radiobuttons, there seems to be an advantage in using smileys as an answer….


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